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Hi I'm Anne and I'm a Holistic Therapist based at Bare Health in Congleton.

A bit about me...

I was quite a shy child and never ventured many opinions (unlike now! Haha!) so I think my father was shocked when, at the age of nine, I announced that I no longer wished to attend church.

My Father told me I could not avoid my religious education so sent me to a library to borrow some religious books and to spend two hours studying on a Sunday morning. The result of that reading changed my life forever, although, I didn't know it at the time.

I read about Taoism, Buddism, Agnosticism, Islam, all manner of different belief systems and ways of prayer and meditation.I learnt about different philosophies and about the monks and barefoot doctors who travelled the Oriental countryside using prayer, acupuncture and herbs to heal and bring comfort, often only paid with a simple meal and shelter for the night. This way of life fascinated me.

Back then Acupuncture training was not readily available so I enrolled in nursing; a decision I never regretted for the invaluable knowledge and discipline I gained has been  a useful addition and extension to my Complementary Therapies.

I have a greater understanding of MRI scans reports that patients sometimes bring to consultations and a good knowledge of anatomy and physiology is a must.

Fate took my hand when I decided to have an acupuncture treatment with Mev Quinton, a well known and revered acupuncturist. I asked his advice about studying for a 'herbal course'. He took a long hard look at me and rushed off to quickly reappear with a prospectus for acupuncture. Just what I'd been looking for.

On Mev's recommendation I chose to train with the British College of Acupuncture. It suited my nursing background and I completed the preliminary year in Differential Diagnosis which was required prior to starting Acupuncture training. I was pleased that they had a 'failure rate' so the qualification is earned rather than deserved and the College also has a member in Parliament; pointless qualifying if the British Medical Association can have a Bill passed to stop anyone but doctors practicing acupuncture!

My dual qualification also enabled me to work for the Warwickshire Health Authority as an Acupuncturist for which I did for over a decade.

My training in Japanese Painless Spinal Touch came shortly after I qualified in Acupuncture so I soon found the combination of both for spine and joint problems very effective, especially as I feel that pain is one of the greatest evils in the world.

Naturally, acupuncture has many more applications and to this day, I still thoroughly enjoy all the variety that brings.

Anne Mitchell
Acupuncture & Japanese Spinal Touch