If you feel unfulfilled in your life, then it’s likely you’re walking someone else’s path.

The indigenous peoples of this planet have been graced with a wonderful ability to identify, harness, support and develop their own personal qualities through ceremony and ritual. They call this their ‘medicine’ and they recognise that the medicine that runs through an individual is a one off experience. They recognise that this unique expression of life force energy is to be both cherished and celebrated, not discouraged or critiqued, because this is what makes you, you.

My background and training

My involvement in training, coaching and development for a large international bank resulted in lots of people confiding in me and looking to me for answers. My knowledge was based upon my experience of having succeeded at the roles I was teaching. This, plus my own deep seated spiritual practice was good preparation for my holistic work.


My Style of Support

My deepest wish is for you to discover abundance in all aspects of your life, that has come from a deep place within your soul.

My values

Over the years I have experienced many plot twists that have subsequently ‘woken’ me to a deeper understanding of myself and the role I play. It is here that my values are rooted in guiding my clients to revisit the original source of their problems, in order to discover valuable lessons to learn from and avoid in the future. I help my clients reframe their way of seeing themselves and others, and to help them tease out their conditioned past.

My beliefs

For many years as a practitioner, I have experienced different ways in which the body can heal itself and that this begins with your own self discovery. All of my clients’ healing experiences begin and end in one place - with themselves. When you discover that you change your outer world, by changing your inner world, you gain back control of your mind and emotions and you begin to make healthier life choices based around feelings of wellness, life and love.

I firmly believe we are all here to discover our uniqueness. To heal yourself is to heal others, and when you discover just how special you really are, everything falls into place.

My innate skills

Based upon many years of self exploration, I have discovered that I have a deep insight and understanding of individuals’ needs, which allows me to get straight to the point and work quickly. I guide my clients to their own solutions by offering a difference perspective of what your basic needs look like.

Together with focus and determination, I work with you to discover a place where it’s safe for you to shine bright. I show you the cycles involved in your development, in particular the ending to old patterns that no longer serve you. With the work we do together we get to tease out the good, the bad and the ugly and learn to lighten the load of what life has stirred up for you. With my Shamanic and Reiki based training my strengths are working with inter generational challenges, in particular emotional problems.

No need to suffer

If you’re determined to get to the bottom of an issue, then so am I.

My work is about gentle realisations, tenderness and forgiveness. I don’t believe that anyone should suffer but I do believe that only you can choose to move away from it.

I will always ask you to treat yourself with compassion, understanding and forgiveness. Situations will always present at a time that is appropriate for us to work with them. It’s the point that you surrender to your negative idea of ‘yourself’ that brings about the greatest change. Therefore, I encourage you to explore your expectations of yourself and others, in order to bring about a realistic self view.

I offer many years experience in preparing my clients for change, because my whole life has been about experiencing change. So let’s get you reconnected.


60 minutes/90 minutes £45/£60

Creative Kinesiology has it’s roots in Native American healing practices and works by tracking problems you are facing to it’s core. Whether this problem is physical, emotional, nutritional, mental, spiritual, environmental or even an issue carried down your family lineage, the cause can be tracked by using gentle muscle testing. The process attempts to establish the core issue, provides us with clues to the story and a solution for releasing. A series of sessions is generally required.


60 minutes/90 minutes £45/£60

The Native American practice of heating or cooling stones helps to relax the back, neck, shoulder, arm, hand, head and face by using the stones to massage with and place along the back and shoulders, in order to achieve deep relaxation. The placing of stones helps to relieve muscle spasm, pain, tension & improve muscle relaxation. This practice is also known to help release toxins and improve skin appearance, reduce stress and anxiety, improve blood circulation and lymph flow, resulting in increased energy, plus it promotes better sleep.


90 minute readings or 60 minute strategy sessions

£75 single reading

£40 per session or £35 per session when booking a weekly/bi monthly subscription


One of the greatest strains placed upon your immune system is when you don’t live true to your unique design of energy. Quantum Human Design ™ takes a layered approach to your wellbeing by teasing out what does not serve you. Based upon western Astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbalah, the Brahman Chakra system and Quantum physics, this blend of esoteric teachings gives you permission to live your life based upon your own essence. It helps you to enter into your decision making process in a strategic way that transcends generational conditioning. Quantum Human Design ™ has been known to help you to avoid burnout, improve your health and wealth, support relationships, whether that is intimate, friendships, work or general situations, plus provide you with a clear path to your purpose.

Work with me

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Nicky Mendham
Human Design, Kinesiology, Hot Stones Massage