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Alison Melville
Shiatsu Practitioner
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I have always had a keen interest in complementary therapies and body self awareness through yoga, receiving regular reflexology and massage treatments. The true value of holistic health became very personal to me when I was involved in a minor car accident which resulted in whiplash. I then struggled with re-occurring whiplash for over ten years which started to restrict my movement and constant pain became the norm. I tried all sorts of treatments but Shiatsu helped my general well-being the most effectively. Through regular sessions, I realised that the pain was not just physical but also emotional. Shiatsu helped me release these blocks and I didn't even need to voice my feelings to the practitioner if I didn't want to. The practitioners knowledge, skill and intuition released the blocks and I felt more alive than I had ever done in a very long time. This new energised me wanted to find out more about Shiatsu and help others in the same way.

I graduated from a three year training programme at the Shiatsu College Manchester in 2009, and further completed a one year post graduate course. I am fully insured and a Fellow member of the Shiatsu Society, abiding by their code of conduct and ethics. 

I am fully committed to on-going continual professional development and I have completed various workshops:

  • Sei-Ki workshops with Akinobu Kishi Sensei & Paul Lundberg

  • Women's health & PMS

  • Shiatsu Shintai - workshops relating to non-invasive structural alignment of the neck & spine. 

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