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Food Intolerance Clinic & Nutritional Consultations

Friday 28th June 2024

Food Intolerance Clinic

When? Friday 28th June 2024
Time? 9.00am - 5.00pm
Cost? £60 N.B. These sessions have now changed to 1 hour slot

(£10 non refundable deposit required on booking)


One to One Nutritional Consultations £35 for 1/2hr £60 for 1hr

Food Intolerance Clinic £60 for 1hr

(£10 non refundable deposit required on all bookings)

Gareth Zeal is one of the UKs leading experts in the field of nutrition & naturopathy and has 20 years experience of advising patients and customers on the benefits of good nutrition and natural medicine.

He has travelled all over the world to further knowledge about the health benefits of optimum nutrition and co-authored ‘500 health tips’ with Hazel Courtenay. Gareth regularly lectures around the world on the benefits of nutrition in practice to naturopaths, health food retailers, pharmacists and doctors..

Specialising in allergies, immune conditions and gut health, we are thrilled to have this renowned nutritionist offering one to one nutritional consultations and his popular food intolerance clinic from Bare Health.

To book a place please call Bare Health on 01260 408413

Weekly Meditation Group

Thursday Evenings

7:00pm - 8:00pm


Have you ever wanted to try Meditation not known how to start? So why not come and give it ago with me Janine Clarke?

Meditation benefits include:

♡ It helps with anxiety and pain
♡ Lowers your heart rate and blood pressure.
♡ Reduced stress levels.
♡ Helps to support your immune system
♡ Increases brain balance and happiness
♡ Leaves you feeling calm, grounded and centred.

Meditators enter a state of exceptionally deep rest while meditating. It is in fact the most restful state a human being can reach outside of sleep its self. So that meditation combines mental alertness and bodily rest.

Each person responds in their own way, that’s why I tell people not to expect any results in advance.


Just wait and see what the meditation will do for you.

Don’t make any effort, the only thing you have to learn to do is not to make an effort!

Classes at Bare Health will run on Thursday evenings commencing 28th September. Discounted rate available for a prepaid block of 4 classes - £32

Alternatively, classes can be paid for weekly £10/session.

For more information or to book your place please contact me Janine Clarke via the lovely team at Bare health on 01260 408413.

Gong Bath

Wednesday 17th July 2024

Gong Bath

When? Wednesday 17th July 2024
Time? 7:15pm - 8.30pm
Cost? £15


We warmly invite you to join us for an evening of relaxation and calm at Bare Health

The gongs create beautiful vibrations that pass through your body creating a sense of peace and wellbeing.

There is nothing to do other than lie back, (or sit, the option is entirely yours) relax and let the soundscape wash over you and let the stresses and strains of everyday life simply melt away.

You may want to bring a mat and a blanket with you to snuggle up and even fall asleep in the beautiful room held in the nurturing spell of the gongs.

To book, please call Bare Health on 01260 408413.

Please note places are limited so early booking is advised 

Seasonal Events - Imbolc - Awakening The Light

Wednesday 31st January 2024

Wednesday 31st January 2024
Bare Health, Congleton
Cost? £20 (payable on booking)

Join us on this evening for a gentle journey into the returning spring and discover how our ancestors revered these first steps back into the light.

Imbolc heralds the coming of spring and we will look at what this time means to us, the traditions of our ancestors, we will work with Bridgid in her many forms for the light of inspiration.

We will talk of the emerging plants of this time and work with birch, its uses and its folklore and then we will settle into a gentle gong bath to help us emerge into the spring with purpose and inspiration 

No previous experience is needed, just a willingness to explore and connect with this exciting time of the year. You may wish to bring a note pad and pen and a blanket or mat for the gong meditation.

To book please call Bare Health on 01260 408413.

Please note places are limited so early booking is advised.

Breathing Freedom - Breathwork Workshop

Next Date TBC

Discover the power of your own breath with Sovereignty Breathwork.

Breathwork can absolutely change your life!

At this 3.5hr beginners workshop you will learn how Breathwork can improve & transform your emotional and mental health. Conscious connected Breathwork and Conscious touch combined, enable you to find freedom from emotional blocks that cause anxiety, stress, burnout, depression and disease.

You will leave with a clearer understanding of why we have blocked and disrupted breathing patterns (and what a breathing pattern is) plus how to work through any blocks and disruptions to your respiratory system so that you feel lighter, brighter, clearer and more focused.

Julie Ann Horrox has over 25 years of experience in embodied breathwork as a Breathwork Coach and Trainer.

Tickets available from Ticket Tailor. For more information please call Julie on 07967308695 or email

More details can be found at

Ladies Night

Wednesday 19th June 2024

Next date: Wednesday 19th June 2024

7pm - 9.30pm

Location : Bare Health 34 High Street, Congleton

Our Bare Health ladies evenings proved to be hugely popular since opening back in 2011, so much so we made them a regular feature at Bare Health. However, due to the recent pandemic we had to postpone these fabulous evenings. Its now been over 2 years since our last evening took place. BUT the great news is we have plans in place for a seasonal themed ladies evening as we head into the festive season this coming November! Details will be announced shortly!


Why not bring along your friends and join us for a fun and relaxed evening. Talks by guest speakers on Health, Skincare/ Therapy demonstrations, buffet & a glass of wine, goody bags, Discounted shopping and lots more besides. Tickets £20 payable on booking.

To reserve your place, please call Bare Health on 01260 408413

“Welcome to ‘a treat in the week’! What can be better than a mid week evening out to relax with a glass of wine or two, great healthy food, and the best bit, a pamper! Every Ladies Night, Bare Health invite guest speakers to talk about a different product whether it be something to improve our skin or help improve our bodies and afterwards a chance to ask any questions that you may have to that guest speaker or to the lovely Mel, Sue and the Team at Bare Health who are on also on hand to ask questions about any of the other wonderful products that they offer. As a person who has confidence issues, I have been to most of these evenings so far, sometimes on my own, I would highly recommend all of you ladies out there to come along. So what are you waiting for ladies? We women are worth it!”

Jo Howard

The Power of The Journal Workshop

Next Date TBC

Learn how to use journaling and 'Morning Pages' to help improve your emotional well being and how to deal with every day stressors. Learn how to help yourself through journaling and acclerate your personal growth in any area of your life. 

As a life coach, I believe that we all have our own answers to our lifes' challenges and purpose and through accessing our 'higher selves' or 'unconscious minds' we bring these answers into our own consciousness for processing and healing if necessary.

During this introductory workshop you will:


  • Experience a guided relaxation session to help quieten and open your mind

  • Be given an explanation of the process of journaling and personal examples

  • Have the opportunity to practice 'flow' or 'automatic writing' during the session

  • Be shown examples of how this can move into 'inspirational writing' and how to it can open up your creative powerhouse

Introducing Journaling as a daily discipline, has the potential to transform any area of your life where you feel you need 'additional guidance' but aren't sure where to start. 

Why not start with the Journal?

Festive Ferments Workshop

Next DateTBC

Festive Sauerkraut Hands on Workshop
Hosted by Emma Cronin of Wild Pickle


Come and join us to create a festive sauerkraut and explore what we can create for the festive season

Festive Sauerkraut Hands on Workshop

'Spreading good cheer and good bacteria!'

We warmly invite you to join in our 'hands on' seasonal themed fermentation workshop taking place at Bare Health on Wednesday 7th December, 7pm to 10.00pm 2022
We will welcome you in with a festive fermented drink mocktail and a little taster supper for you to inspire you and give you a chance to enjoy some other delicious ferments.

We will then settle into an evening of exploration, capturing all the aromas and delicious flavours of spices and seasonal produce.
Using fresh, organic veg, cranberries, citrus and spices you will create your own ferment that will ferment happily, ready for the festive season.
This is a time to pick up some great ideas for festive ferments to gift to friends and family whilst creating love and probiotic goodness for over the holiday period to support your digestion and immunity through times renowned for merriment and over indulgence!
To finish off the evening
You will leave with your own ferment and a little handbook of festive ferment recipes.
This workshop would make an ideal 'early' christmas gift for friends and family! Contact Emma if you would like a voucher to be sent to someone special.
Places are limited for this special workshop so early booking is advised. All ingredients and equipment will be provided on the evening. (You may like to bring an Apron.)
Cost £55
Please note this workshop is limited to 10 people. So early booking is highly recommended.
10% off all Bare Health purchases on the evening too!

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