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Access Consciousness “The Bars”

Have you ever had a really good clear out at home, de-cluttered your house, given away bags and bags of “stuff” to charity? How does that feel? Pretty great I bet?
Do you know that your Mind can also become cluttered with points of views, judgements, “have to”, “got to” and “must do”! What is really interesting, is that most of those points of views etc do not even belong to us! They were learned or borrowed as we grew through life.

So how would it feel to start letting go of all that “stuff” in your mind, and WITH EASE?

How much more space would you have for you in your life, and how much easier would it be for you to choose what YOU actually want in your life?

Access Bars is a simple and relaxing process that allows you to free your mind of all the clutter and stuff that is in the way of you choosing for you. In fact, it’s so relaxing that most people fall asleep!

Whilst you lie down, your head is touched on 32 different points that represent different areas of your life e.g. Money, Creativity, Kindness, Communication.

The Bars take around 1 hour to “run”

Having your Bars “run” can help with stress, overwhelm, anxiety, depression, Exam stress and people often return for regular sessions to continue their sense of “lightness” and clarity that they experience after The Bars.

Andrea is an International Facilitator of Access Consciousness® . She travels the world empowering people with the tools of Consciousness to create a life you have never even dreamed of. She teaches workshops on Access Consciousness® which facilitate total empowerment to change every area of your life to bring more joy and ease. Also teaches processes to Heal mind and body, Energetic Facelift and Access Bars® technique.


She is available at Bare Health for private sessions; mental, physical and emotional health along with coaching and confidence for success. 

For more information or to book a session, please contact Andrea at

Andrea Lazenby
Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator
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