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Helen Elliot
EFT Practitioner

Hi, I'm Helen Elliott and I'm an EFT Practitioner with a passion for helping others improve their emotional and physical well-being.

I discovered EFT when I was in a pretty dark place, feeling overwhelmed by negative emotions and physical symptoms. With no money, I had been trying a combination of techniques such as meditation, self help books, and attempting to live in the moment, but although some of this helped, none of them took the feelings away completely.

Then, after trying the technique on myself, I was truly amazed that after a couple of short self help sessions how quickly the darkness lifted. A kind friend then lent me the money to do a formal course with Tania Prince and since then I have helped various people with issues ranging from anxiety, loss of relationships, parent difficulties due to dementia, self esteem, putting fears into perspective, chronic joint pain, public speaking, and phobias. One lady even credited me with my helping her get pregnant.

For those who have read this far and want to know more, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a form of psychological acupressure that involves tapping on specific points of the body to release blocked energy and improve emotional and physical health. As an EFT practitioner, I help my clients focus on a particular issue while tapping on these points, which helps release any emotional or physical blockages and restore balance to the body's energy system.

There is a growing body of research that supports the effectiveness of EFT, and I have seen first-hand how this technique can help reduce symptoms associated with conditions such as anxiety, depression, fears, stress, chronic pain, and more.

The beauty of EFT is its non-invasive nature and ease of learning, making it a technique that can be used by anyone. However, many people do find it helpful to work directly with a practitioner. Despite my own success with it as a self help technique, I did also find it helpful to do follow it up with sessions from someone more experienced.

Sometimes, if the client wishes, I end a session with a boost of Reiki; this can help relax and calm the body after what may be an intense session, adding another layer of energy healing to the treatment.

Please do get in touch if you feel I may be able to help with whatever issue is causing a problem. My mobile number is 07958 673264. Fell free to call me for a quick chat to ask any questions and see if an initial session would suit.

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