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Julie Melbourne
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Julie's journey with homeopathy began in 1992 when, as an adult, she started having asthma attacks.  A friend suggested she see a Homeopath.  Initially sceptical, her dislike of using an inhaler was enough for her to give homeopathy a chance.  From her first prescribed remedy, Julie has never had asthma again.  Since this time she has relied on homeopathic care for all her health needs. 

Leaving her job as a Manager in a London NHS Teaching Hospital, Julie returned to the North West and due to her positive experiences of homeopathy decided to train as a Homeopath.  Now, as a fully qualified homeopath, Julie sees time and time again the positive difference homeopathy makes to people’s lives.

In addition to individual homeopathic consultations, Julie offers a 5 week Introduction to Homeopathy course (evenings) teaching people how to use basic remedies with themselves and family members. 

People use homeopathy for a wide variety of conditions, both minor and persistent: physical, mental and emotional, (including those they visit their GP for).  

Due to a recent ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) ruling Homeopaths are no longer allowed to list conditions of patients they have seen – please contact us if you want to find out more about Homeopathy and see if could be suitable for you. 

Qualifications and Memberships

Julie is currently a Board member and occasional Lecturer at the North West College of Homeopathy in Manchester, where she completed her four-year training as a Homeopath.

Graduate and Licentiate of the North West College of Homeopathy
Registered member of the Society of Homeopaths.
BA (hons)., Thames Valley University
Cert. Ed., Canterbury University

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