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Lisa Barlow
Life Coach

Hi, my name is Lisa Barlow and I am a Personal Development Coach at Bare Health. I help people to feel more empowered in their lives through challenging unhelpful programmes and thought patterns which are no longer useful for them. I coach on a one to one basis and also run a coaching group on a Monday called Mmm... (Monday Morning Motivation) and this is a session which encourages empowerment, promotes a growth mindset and builds confidence to approach life's daily challenges with compassion.

As a coach, I believe we have the answers we need inside of us to navigate our lives with less struggle; we just need to uncover them. By taking personal responsibility for the thoughts we think and the actions we take in our lives we become more empowered and feel more confident to deal with whatever life brings.

I am also creator of the 'Power of the Journal' Workshop which is an introduction to journaling and how it can be used as a tool for optimal mental and emotional well being. Feedback from this workshop has been extremely positive.

Coaching isn't just for you when you are going through difficult times or are struggling with life. Coaches help individulas maximise their potential in whatever area of life they wish to improve. By practicing different mental techniques, it is possible to change the way  we think and how we 'show up in life'. I find much joy in my work and love helping people open up and discover their best lives

Power of The Journal Testimonials:

‘"Probably one of the most life changing two hours I have spent. Lisa delivered an informative life enhancing concept in a friendly, caring way. Thanks Lisa, I now journal every day". ‘M’

“Waited a long time to go on this workshop and it didn’t disappoint! In fact it exceeded my expectations. Be prepared to let go of your inner most thoughts and emotions, even the ones you didn’t realise were in there! It’s a brilliant life tool and I’d recommend to anyone at any age, thank you Lisa x " ‘Joanne’

"I finally gave myself the time to attend this amazing workshop. Lisa is truly inspiring and makes you feel extremely welcome and her personality injects fun into the 2 hours you spend with her learning about journaling. It changed the way I journalled instantly. After just one day I had already learned so much about myself, I know everything I took from Lisa's workshop will continue with me on my journey of healing. So worth waiting for. Thank you Lisa and of course the other attendees" ‘Helena’

‘I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for the journal workshop, but within ten minutes of meeting Lisa and hearing the outline, I knew it would be for me. If you’re struggling with something, but you’re not sure what, like I was, then the skill and style of journaling that Lisa helps you embrace is a great way to discover it. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to discover how we each possess the answers to the questions and issues that we tend to overthink. It’s a great way to start the journey of self discovery that each soul needs to take.’


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