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Nuri Adams -Davies
Nutritional Therapist
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I’ve always lived for inspiration, both for my own and to inspire others whenever I can. Dancing and movement have been twin passions of mine, both literally and figuratively. I danced all the way through school and travelled every chance I got. And, oh yes, I
have always LOVED food!


Suffering a badly broken leg at nineteen was my wakeup call to pay more attention to my health and inspired me to seek a career in healthcare. For over 3 years, I worked in a skilled nursing unit while taking classes for a nursing degree. However, seeing allopathic medicine in practice was discouraging because of its heavy reliance on drugs to relieve symptoms of physical distress, with almost no interest in finding or fixing the actual problems. My marriage, and subsequent move to England presented me with
an opportunity to study food as a means of improving and preserving health - an opportunity which doctors do not get in medical school.


I studied at CNM, which I really liked because of it’s emphasis on finding answers in medical science. After being awarded my diploma, I began Healthy World Nutrition to help people on their own healing journeys.

When people are healthy and happy, they have a positive effect on their environment,
which contributes to improved health of the world.Similarly, the interconnectedness of body systems means that health or dis-ease in one area may show effects in other areas. For example, problems in the GI tract often affect a person’s mood, immunity and skin. So in order to truly strengthen health, the root cause of theproblem must be found and addressed.

Just a few of the problems that are easily supported by nutrition include: healing from
injury, skin problems like eczema, psoriasis and acne, IBS and IBD, diabetes, arthritis, thyroid and hormone problems, autoimmune conditions, depression and poor immunity.

I have personally experienced and seen nearly miraculous health improvements in myself and numerous others, using diet change and supplementation. This illustrates the importance of nutrient-rich diets in health

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